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Peru: The Sacred Temples of The Sacred Feminine

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Machu Picchu The Amazon

Peru: The Sacred Temples of The Sacred Feminine - December 27th To January 17th

The Sacred Feminine is at the forefront
of the energetic waves that are now here.
It is vital that all realize
the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine
within each of us.
This journey guides you to
ancient places of initiation and teaching.
It is in these places that you can bring that knowledge
within you to full consciousness.
In this way, you are actively engaged in bringing all that has been and is out of balance in the world and beyond back
into its natural intact state.

DAY 1 12/27/16:
We fly into Lima, where we will stay until our flight to Cuzco in the morning.

DAY 2 12/28/16:
We go to Cuzco today. Cuzco is the capital of the Incan empire. It was built in the shape of a jaguar and it is said that Cuzco is the head of the jaguar. We have the rest of the day to give you the time to acclimate to the heights. We can go to the marketplace and see the sights of the city. That evening, we will go to Amaru Machay. Amaru Machay is altars naturally set within two caves. In this ancient place, we shed ourselves of old skin, much like a serpent molts its skin, so that our true colors, vibrant and rich with life, can shine through.

DAY 3 12/29/16:
From Cuzco, we travel to Raqchi, Wiracocha, the Temple of the Godmaker. This is a sacred temple consisting of a series of altars and kivas. Priestesses worked here with initiates to bring them to their full potential. It is here that initiations long forgotten or left unfinished begin to be brought to completion.

DAY 5 12/30/16:
Working at the altars set throughout this sacred place, those aspects of initiations that were not completed begin to be woven into your energetic body.

DAY 4 12/31/16:
This day, the initiations that we have been working with are brought to a conscious state at the level each person has reached. In this way, you come to know that the weaving that is occurring in your energetic body goes well beyond just that. It is vital that this comes to be so that all can hold onto the crest of these energetic waves as they continue to leap higher and higher. With this new weaving, all will have the strength not to fall and get caught in the undertow because we will be One Weaving, no longer separate strands. This night, a sacred initiation ceremony is engaged with the intent of enlivening the sacred aspects within you into active embodiment. At Sacred Fire, we create a despacho of this weaving.

DAY 5 1/1/17:
From Raqchi, we return to Cuzco for the rest of the day and the night.

DAY 6 1/2/17:
Today, we go to Killarumiyoq, the Temple of The Moon. The Sacred Feminine. Waters from the mountains flow in this place. Here we cleanse ourselves of what no longer serves, taking in the flow of new life. From there, we go on to Ollantaytambo, The Temple of the Winds, that overlooks the town. There we ask guidance of The Winds who dwell in this ancient place. We then travel by train to the town of Aguas Calientes, located in the Machu Picchu range. We stay at a hotel overlooking the Urubamba River. While we are in Aguas Calientes, we work with the river itself letting its flow move through us.

DAY 7 1/3/17:
We spend the day at Machu Picchu itself, working in sacred ceremony.

DAY 8 1/4/17:
We spend the day in Aguas Calientes. We go to the hot springs nestled in the center of the mountains. We will have time to go to the shops and enjoy the delights of this little mountain town.
DAY 9 1/5/17:
In the late afternoon, we return to Cuzco for an evening of rest.

DAY 10 1/6/17:
We have a day to explore the ancient city of Cuzco. In the evening, we have the formal closing of the sacred ceremonies. We go out for a dinner of celebration, giving thanks and delight for the journey we have just undertaken.

DAY 11 1/7/17:
We return to Lima for our flight back to the States.

The cost for this journey, without airfare, is $2,475.00. This includes, but not limited to, all hotel accommodations, all land and water transportation, all guides, porters, some meals, as stated, in hotels, transfers, all entry and excursion fees. Not included: airport arrival and departure taxes, all international and in-Peru air travel, tipping of guides and porters, shamans’ ceremonies and their lodging and food expenses which will be divided equally by the number of people in the group and shared by the entire group, any personal expenditure, miscellaneous expenses. Due to the high cost and fluctuations of the airfare, a deposit of $1,650.00 is required. This deposit ensures your reservation in this journey and to purchase your airfare. Your deposit is in addition to the above price stated for the journey. Your deposit must be received by the week of May 29. Otherwise, it is likely we will lose the airfare price and the cost will have to go up. Because air travel prices fluctuate quickly, If, by the time, I do book the air travel and the fare is lower than the deposit, the balance goes to the journey cost. Please note that, by sending in your deposit right away, the chances that we will not lose the best airfare prices we can get is better. The journey price, without airfare, is based on six people; if less than six people, the price will increase. Itinerary and accommodations are subject to change depending on weather, festivities, etc... You will receive a packing list and pre-departure information as well as a travel document upon receipt of your registration and deposit. Please be sure that your passport is up to date and, if it is not or you don’t have one, I suggest that you get it updated or apply for one now. You will get your visa upon arrival in Lima. A registration form and the registration policy is attached to this e-mail. Please let me know that you want to join us in this extraordinary journey by calling me at 732-533-7276 or e-mail me at apusalkantay@aol.com.

Registration forms are availible here

Fran Russo is a shaman/curandera working in the tradition of the Peruvian shamans. She is a Weaver of the Energetics, pampa misa in Quechua, one of the native languages of Peru. Perceiving the energetic body of a person or place, through its color, sound, feel, weight, texture and more, Fran is guided to the healing in whatever form best serves. In this way, the person or place is free to find and follow the natural flow of his or her path. While Fran could manifest the healing for you, she won't unless she is guided to do so. She is a guide helping you to remember the healing within you so you can do it.

When she was a child, Fran was introduced to the world of intuition by her first teacher, her grandmother. Fran then worked with North American natives as well as South American elders. Fran travels extensively in Peru, working with both the shamans of the Andean mountains and of the Amazon. There she has learned the ancient ways of the Q'ero elders, the direct descendants of the ancient Incans. Working in the ancient traditions for many years, Fran helps others to energetically release and transform self into the strength of true self, spinning joy into life.

Through television, radio, workshops, groups, individual healing and guidance sessions, and journeys to Peru since 1993, Fran brings the ancient teachings of Peru. Fran's organization, Ayllusuyu, serves the greater good through sacred ceremony and gatherings as well as workshops and talks based on those teachings. Fran is the author of Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman's Journey. Visit our web site, www.ayllusuyu.com to see all that Ayllusuyu offers.