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Journeys to the Sacred Places of Peru, Healing Workshops and Classes

Journey to an ancient world of Peru and discover your primal self!


Our web site is undergoing a complete revision and redesign. While the calendar does not, at this time, have dates for our offerings due to the corona virus lock-down, they are all being rescheduled and, when those dates, cost and details are set, they will be on the calendar. Please check back often to see where we're going and when. In between then and now, you can browse through our web site as the descriptions of the journeys, workshops, services, and classes are up-to-date with minor adjustments, if at all, as the dates are set. We'll be delighted to have you with us when we can gather in person again. Until then, join us for our gatherings on the phone and online.

Welcome to Ayllusuyu

Ayllusuyu offers Journeys to the Sacred Places of Peru, Healing Workshops, Sacred Ceremony and classes based on the Teachings of the Inca, the shamans of The North Coast and of The Amazon.

Guidance comes under many names: healing, healers, healing workshops, healing retreats, shamanism, shamanistic healing, shamanistic practices, shamanistic studies, energy healers, energetic healing, energetics, spiritual healing and many others. Ayllusuyu offers guidance in a variety of ways. Journey through our web site so that you can discover the ways that can be your first step with us. If you have journeyed with us in the past, we welcome you back and look, with delight, to be in sacred ceremony with you again.

Workshops, Classes and Journeys

Ayllusuyu offers energetic healings, sacred ceremonies and gatherings, journeys to Peru, Australia, and elsewhere, experiential talks, past life journeying, workshops, classes as well as all of the above uniquely created for you and/or your group.
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Not all the people who come with us to Peru or the workshops we offer are there for healing. A person may feel that he/she has healed enough to move on to the next level. It may be that, through the sacred ceremonies and work that person does, that person may find a wisp, unseen, unknown, unspoken, buried deep within himself or herself. By bringing that wisp up into The Light, that person discovers healing has happened. Often then, a person will say, "I didn't consciously know that was there. I didn't know that vague feeling underneath everything else was the very thing that had to be healed so I could go to the next level." That is why we know that healing happens through The Teachings brought into everyday life through sacred ceremony. It could be something as simple as a change of thought, a choice to engage Life in a different way, paying more attention to that gut ping that has no thought or even logical sense to it.

About Fran Russo

Shaman Fran Russo Fran Russo is a shaman / curandera working in the tradition of the Peruvian shamans. She is a Weaver of the Energetics. Perceiving the energetic body of a person or place, through its color, sound, feel, weight, texture and more, Fran is guided to the healing in whatever form best serves. In this way, the person or place is free to find and follow the natural flow of his or her path.
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The Book: Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman's Journey

Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman's Journey

Share Fran Russo's journeys and adventures throughout Peru. Fran has travel from the heights of the Andes into the Amazon jungle as well as into Bolivia and the Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku regions. Get the book and enjoy Fran's inspirational journeys.
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The Q'ero and Peru Children's Funds

Donate to the Peru Children's Fund Ayllusuyu has created two funds to help the people of Peru. The Q'ero Fund was established to assist the Q'ero people, pure descendents from the Inca with shelter, clothing, shelter, food and medical care. The Peru's Children Fund was set up to aid the poor and abandon children of Peru. Your donations provide clothing, food, shelter, medical care and aid. [ Get More Information ]