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Peru: Amaru Muru, Raqchi, Tiahuanoco, Sillustani Ancient Places of The Inca

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Amaru Muru, Raqchi, Tiahuanoco, Peru Journey

DAY 1:
We fly into Lima, where we will stay overnight at a hotel close to the airport.

DAY 2:
In the morning, we fly to Juliaca and go to Chucuito, the town by Lake Titicaca where we will stay. We have the rest of the day to give you the time to acclimate to the heights as well as see the sights of this town.

DAY 3:
Today, in Chucuito, we go to the marketplace where the shamans' and local markets are. As this town is by Lake Titicaca, we sit by the lake and let its pure waters cleanse us.

DAY 4:
From Chucuito, we go to Amaru Muru where we will camp for the night. Amaru Muru has long been known as a star portal. With Sacred Fire and the working of a star despacho, an ancient sacred ceremony of the Inca, we assist in the opening and strengthening of this star bridge. We celebrate what has come to be, as this is the time we have been waiting centuries for. In this way, the energies of the past dissipate as the pure, new energetics are woven as the foundation of the new year and onward. Together with the flow of the segues (the ley lines) themselves, we merge with its movement in the same manner that a weaver intertwines the threads to create the design that is intended. We do this not as we would have it, but as it will serve all.

DAY 5:
We go from Amaru Muru to Tiahuanaco. Tiahuanaco is one of the most ancient sacred Temples of the Sun. The locals say that this is where Wiracocha, The Supreme Sacred Being of Light as Inti Tayta, Father Sun, is made manifest. When we leave Tiahuanaco, we return to Chucuito to stay for the night.

DAY 6:
After giving our gratitude to Lake Titicaca and Chucuito we leave for Sillustani. Sillustani is a place known to as burial place for royalty and shamans. These high burial towers teach us that Death is simply a doorway into New Life. From Sillustani, we stop at La Raya for the hot spring baths and then we go to Sicuani, a town on our way to Raqchi, for the night.

DAY 7:
From Sicuani, we go to Raqchi. This is a sacred temple consisting of a series of altars and kivas. Priestesses worked here with initiates to bring them to their full potential. In sacred ceremony, with the guidance of those who dwell in this place, it is here that initiations long forgotten or left unfinished begin to be brought to completion. We camp here for three nights.

DAY 8:
We continue in sacred ceremony. Working at the altars set throughout this sacred place, as each step is revealed, you engage with The Teachings that are given to you. Camping.

DAY 9:
This day, the initiations that we have been working with in the last two days are brought to a conscious state at the level each of us have reached. This night, a despacho is worked with the intent of enlivening the sacred aspects within you into active embodiment. The Sacred Fire is our guide as the despacho is given into its life-giving warmth. Camping.

DAY 10:
On our way to Cuzco from Raqchi. we go to Tipon, The Temple of the Waters. Waters from the mountains fill the bathing pools here. Here we cleanse ourselves of what no longer serves, taking in the flow of new life. Cuzco is the capital of the Incan empire. It was built in the shape of a jaguar and it is said that Cuzco is the head of the jaguar. We can go to the marketplace and see the sights of the city. The Q'ero, who are the pure-blood descendants of the Inca, will meet us. They will be with us as we go to sacred places in the next few days.

DAY 11:
We go to Saqsayhuaman, Amaru Machay, Tambo Machay and Q'enko, all sacred sites close to Cuzco. From these sacred places, we go to Killarumiyoq. Killarumiyoq, the Temple of the Moon, is a sacred temple dedicated to Mama Killa, Mother Moon. This is a place of The Sacred Feminine. In sacred ceremony at the womb altar and in the bathing pools, we perceive the evolution of all is manifesting; it is with this knowledge that we let ourselves evolve, ascending into new life. We stay at a lodging in the village of Zurite for the one night at Killarumiyoq. The Q'ero create a despacho that is the midwife of our ascension into new life and then is given to Sacred Fire.

DAY 12:
Today, we travel by train to the town of Aguas Calientes located in the Machu Picchu range. We stay at a hotel overlooking the Urubamba River.

DAY 13:
The Inca are well and alive, in spirit, at Machu Picchu. With their guidance, we have the day in sacred ceremony at Machu Picchu itself.

DAY 14:
We spend the day in Aguas Calientes. We go to the hot springs nestled in the center of the mountains. We have time to go to the shops and enjoy the delights of this little mountain town.

DAY 15:
We return to Cuzco. We rest and to go to the shops today. In this day and evening of rest, we let all that we have done settle, renewing and refreshing, into our energetic and physical bodies.

DAY 16:
We continue to rest and shop before our return to Lima tomorrow. During the day, we bring our ceremonies to completion. In the evening, we go out for a dinner of celebration, giving thanks and delight for the journey we have just undertaken.

DAY 17:
We return to Lima for our flight back to the States.


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