Ayllu Enegetic Gathering

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Ayllu Energetic Gathering

Let us gather together in ayllu
(the Quechua word for community, "I U")
each evening at 7:30 EST or the equivalent time where you are.

We will do this from our homes
through an energetic link from each of us to all of us.
Urpaychay sonqochay
The Quechua, a native language of Peru,
From my heart to your heart

The group of people who join us see how vital it is for all of us
to get together to bring the Sacred Foundation of Pachamama
and beyond back into its natural intact state.

The low vibrations are where many people can caught up in. Those vibrations are erratic, tumultuous, chaotic, scattered, making it difficult to keep one's intent intact. Until those vibrations are raised into the high resonance of this Evolution of All Life, what has been happening will continue. As there are more people who are involved in those low vibrations, it can be difficult to maintain being in the higher resonance. That's why it is so vital now to stay awake, keep conscious and not let that slip because that's where a person will go back into the low vibrations and continue to perpetuate the old ways, habits over and over again.

Coming together in a deep meditative way, we link energetically with One Intent to bring the Sacred Foundation of Pachamama, our Mother Earth, and beyond back into its natural intact state.

As this is done energetically, there is no need for phone calls or videos.
Join us as you can.
At the set time and for about a half hour,
be in a private, quiet place so you won't be disturbed.
Center and ground so your Higher Self,
known as Primal Self, Light Body and in other ways, is free to travel.
You will be actually participating in doing
what you have always said you wanted to do if you could find a way to do it.
You are assisting in the healing of the physical manifestations
as they are in the world today.
It is as best serves all, not as any individual would have it.

Envision a Canopy of Light surrounding the earth. When violence in any form happens, a hole or tear is made in the fabric of the canopy. During the year and especially at the holiday seasons, people throughout the world are sending emanations of love and good will to all. People feel more of a kinship with each other, more love and affection. That radiates into this Canopy of Light and helps to fill in the holes and frays made by the discord and dissention of people throughout the world. These are sparks that go to the canopy, strengthening and filling those holes to a certain degree. But it's not enough. Religions through their services and ceremonies help to a larger extent to fill in those holes. Organizations of Light such as Freemasons, Templar Knights, and others fill in those gaps even more. Traditions of Light such as native teachings and wisdom go further in strengthening and weaving the fabric into an intact state. Sacred ceremonies go even further. Yet what helps the most is going beyond the conventional forms into spirituality that needs no form, simply Intent of The Oneness of The Sacred Pure Light. When a person keeps his/her Intent intact and embodies the tradition he or she walks, those sparks are a continual sending to those gaps. When a person slips away from being in a conscious active state, going back in the wants of the personal human, a spark goes out and those gaps open again just by the one spark not there. Those sparks that we send fly into The Canopy of Light and into the seqays, the energetic grid of the earth. Dark motes, the corona virus and the other low vibrations/heavy energies, when in the flow of the seqays with the sparks, became sparks, shedding the heavy energies.

A change of thought begins the uplift from those low vibrations into high resonance.

Come together now.
We simply don't have the time not to.

Keep moving
Let go
Show up
Let's get this done

You may know people who may be interested in the Ayllu Energetic Gathering. Please feel free to let them know.