Private Deep Work Retreat

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Private Deep Work Retreat
just for you

A person walks many paths, finding aspects of self, setting them in place revealing to him or her as he or she is meant to be. There can be a feeling, a sense that there is something buried deep, unseen, unknown, unspoken yet felt, that still has to be brought out.

At that crossroad, a person realizes that going deep into the core with a guide to help can reveal those hidden aspects. This core work is done without a group, without anyone or anything that can be a distraction, just you and the guide. The guide does what a guide does. The guide does not choose the path nor directs a person. Simply walks with a person, watching, seeing, tracking, knowing when to say or do a thing and when not to.

This private work, done in a private retreat, can bring the knowledge that you have always intuitively known but not consciously are brought into active consciousness much like the pieces of a mosaic are all set in place so the design that is meant to be becomes complete.

This is being offered to you.
This journey is you as the seeker, me as the guide, and
The Sacred Ones of Light who shows us the way.

If you know that a private retreat is for you and that you have to do this, give me a call. We can have a conversation. In that conversation, where you are to go and how long you are to be there will become evident. We’ll talk about the details, the arrangements, pricing, etc. as well.

This can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience.
It is an awakening.

As you read this and you feel the stirring, the deep excitement, that is The Calling telling you now is the time. My phone number is 732-533-7276. My e-mail is
We’ll talk.
We’ll walk.
Keep going, steady on.