The Natural Way of Women

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The Natural Way of Women
The Natural Way of Women

The Sacred Primal Essence of The Sacred Feminine within each woman.
Discover the ways a woman can experience Life through
her Primal Essence and see with those Eyes.
When a woman is free,
she returns to her natural state of gentle strength at Peace.

Please take the time to read this as
this work impacts within each and every woman.
We are at the forefront now.

When you step into The Natural Way of Women,
you have stepped up into The Sacred Primal Feminine you are.
We are The Sacred Feminine.
Let's bring things back into an intact state.
We are the ones who can do this.

Deep within each woman is her Primal. This is the Sacred Feminine who guides us in the perceptual. The one who sees the beliefs, the teachings that have been buried so long that you may not be consciously aware that they are still deep in the core. Come to know what it is to walk in the world, sensing all, perceiving through the Eyes of your Primal Essence. No veils, no beliefs, nothing personal to get in your way. The wildlife of the world live by knowing what is present and what is coming by their primal instincts — perception well beyond concept. Bringing forth The Primal Essence within into your everyday life, you can perceive Life through all senses ordinary and non-ordinary. Come to know the difference of The Primal One of Light and the Shadow Primal One. The Light serves all. The Shadow serves itself.

You may have already done work to clear yourself of old beliefs about
what a woman should be.

So what makes The Natural Way of Women different from
what you have already done?

Good question.

This is the stuff that wiggles at the bottom. The unknown, the unseen, the unspoken, yet felt in an indefinable, no point-of-reference way. You just feel it. For many reasons, women have chosen to find ways to protect themselves from dangers engendered through beliefs handed down to them. Some of this can be through what we were taught, in this life and past lives, when we were little girls and brought into womanhood. What are the ways women are captured and over-protected by others and by themselves? What is the price paid for that illusion of safety? It may be that you have found ways to get free. Yet there may be tethers that keep you coming back to your comfort/safety zone. That woman, The Sacred Primal Feminine, within you has been telling you, for some time now, that it's time to let her out without fear.

Envision being together in sacred ceremony with each woman bringing her own natural gifts. Envision participating as one in weaving these Sacred threads together. In this way, we are weaving anew, mending, bringing back the natural intact state for ourselves and this place we call Pachamama and beyond.

Through sacred, ancient ceremonies, including sacred fire, we can, at long last, bring all to the known, the seen, the spoken, and be free of all that has kept you tethered. The free and vital woman you are can be delightfully visible in the world. Then you know True Peace within.

Fly higher than you ever have before, unfettered, no fear, no guilt,
Simply free

Please note that all dates and pricing for our workshop retreats will be forthcoming after the current global situation is over. We are working to set dates and those will be here on our website and calendar when they have been. The following is information about the pricing and deposit so you know how that works. Each workshop retreat has a full description.


The cost for the workshop retreat includes the workshop, lodging, and food. A deposit is required to register and to confirm your reservation. The deposit, when it has been paid, is deducted from the total cost. If you are interested, have questions, to register, please call me at 732-533-7276 or send an e-mail to me at Upon registration, you will receive a packing list as well as address and directions to the retreat center.

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