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Energetic Weavers
One of the many treasures of the Inca is their weavings.
It is easily seen in their beautiful cloths.
They are Weavers of The Energetics as well.
This series is to give you those teachings so that
you can become a Weaver of The Energetic.

When you step into Energetic Weavers,
you are actually participating in bringing about the intact state that
you have always wanted to see happening in the world.

Energetic Weavers
This is the real deal, folks.
No fantasy or science fiction here.
This is what actually makes the changes happen.
You can be part of that.

Know that The Energetic, Pure Energy before Form, is the raw stuff of creation. It is there that all is created first with the physical manifestation being the end result. The events of life are the results of what has happened at the Energetic. When one can "read" the energetics, one can perceive what is really going on beyond the story of life. These teachings are designed to show you ways to access the Energetic and utilize it in your everyday life, merging the non-ordinary with the ordinary, not as you would have it rather as it is meant to be. In this way, you are serving not only yourself, but all others.

The words, "energy" and "energetics", are often interchanged, so you begin with getting a better understanding of what they are. In these teachings, you begin to work with Pure Energy and come to learn how to perceive its attributes and how to manifest them into form. In this way, you come to know that it has color, weight, texture, sound, feel and much more. The distinct differences of subtle energies and obvious energies are perceived.

What is The Energetic Body? Why is it essential to strengthen your energetic body? What is its purpose? Realizing that it is the sensor net that receives the "pings" that are then transmitted to the lower self's energy fields and felt in its bodies brings awareness to pay attention to that "gut hunch."

You learn why it is important to let your energetic self be primary by understanding the difference of what Within and Without means. Within is Perception through the energetic body and Without is sourcing through the personal filters. Understanding the importance of being centered, grounded, and shielding as well as the responsibility of working with Pure Energy is given in these teachings.

Because we know that manifestation occurs instantaneously at/in the energetic before thought as well as by simple thought and emotion and much more, we know that working consciously within a container of complete stillness is essential. Seeing/perceiving the entire thought from the first perceptual "ping", the something felt without point of reference, all the way through all the possible outcomes is being able to keep the flow of the energetic as it is meant to be, not as you would have it.

The Primal Senses keep the intent pure and intact without the lower self emotional body getting involved through its stories and beliefs. The Primal Senses are the trackers at/in the energetic. Through journeying, discover who The Primal Self is as well as the importance of knowing this essential core of your being.

You put your energetic body to work by perceiving what is not seen in the physical. Letting your energetic body go beyond the confines of the human body, it becomes the primary source for perception, you learn what resonance means, that sense of when something feels intact and when it doesn't. Perceiving each other's energetic body, you can "see" what it looks like. Becoming The Watcher is "seeing" the flow of the energetic. In this way, you discern the resonance - what is out of balance and what resonates clearly. Learn how to track through the energetic body itself, developing your "touch", as well as in many other ways. By perceiving what is out of ayni (Quechua for perfect reciprocity) in the energetic body, the physical correspondent manifestations can be healed. It can be that there are intrusions in the energetic body that, through extraction, can bring about healing in the lower self. It may be something that happened in a past life. Knowing that time and space are human constructs, the energetic impact of something that occurred in a past life will still be present in the energetic body now. That can and will impact on a person today just as strongly as it did when it first happened. These teachings show you how to go about extractions in an impeccable way.

We go beyond the energetic body of a person. Perceiving the energetics of a place shows us how the flow is manifesting in a physical place. Perceiving the energetic streams known as the seques and the saways that connect Pachamama with The Universe, we can assist in the healing of the physical manifestations. This Working can be of communities, land, nations and more.

By utilizing all that you have learned, you put into actual practice of what it is to merge the physical and energetic worlds together.

Give me a call. It is important for you to know that Energetic Weavers is not for beginners. Because we will be working in the deep energetic, at the unknown, the unseen, and the unspoken, it is important that you are energetically, emotionally, and mentally mature as well as being energetically independent, knowing that being a Vessel of Light is not personal and it's not about power. It is for those who know now is the time to "get on with it" and who have come to know that it is not about what you do, it is about who you "be" - "the act of doing becomes the state of being." When you are in the state of being, you no longer source through the personal. If you are drawn to this work, before you register, please call me. This way, we will have a conversation to determine if this deep work is for you. It is quite possible it is for you. If you live in another country and it's more difficult for you to call, we can chat on-line about this. However, a phone call is better; that can be done through Skype. You can have worked or are working in other Paths of Light to join in, as all those who walk in The Light are welcome. My e-mail is apusalkantay@aol.com as well. We'll talk about where you have been in our phone conversation. 732-533-7276.

Please note that all dates and pricing for our workshop retreats will be forthcoming after the current global situation is over. We are working to set dates and those will be here on our website and calendar when they have been. The following is information about the pricing and deposit so you know how that works. Each workshop retreat has a full description.


The cost for the workshop retreat includes the workshop, lodging, and food. A deposit is required to register and to confirm your reservation. The deposit, when it has been paid, is deducted from the total cost. If you are interested, have questions, to register, please call me at 732-533-7276 or send an e-mail to me at apusalkantay@aol.com. Upon registration, you will receive a packing list as well as address and directions to the retreat center.

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