Clearing Healing Workings

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Clearing Healing Workings

Clearing Healing Workings

Throughout life, as time goes on, everything we experience has an energetic impact on our energetic bodies. The energetic body is the sensor net that receives the “pings” that are then transmitted to the lower self’s energy fields and felt in its bodies. It is the primary source through which Life’s encounters are sourced, not through the human physical and attendant bodies. Imprints of Life’s experiences create pathways that were not in its original creation. Many of those are part of the natural evolution of the energetic body so that one can continue to strengthen and move on. Not all do that. The imprints could be from beliefs/teachings that had been given, by vows taken in other lives, agreements made with one’s self to hide certain facets of and fueled by the human self, intrusions and more. The flow of the energetic pathways becomes clogged, limited, even blocked. The natural rhythms of the energetic and physical bodies are thrown out of balance and no longer in natural resonance. This can manifest in the physical and lower self bodies as illness and in other ways. By clearing the pathways, the energetic body returns to an intact state.

Before Healing occurs, Clearing is to be done. A Working is directly with the energetic body itself going directly to the core, not with or through the lower body’s auric fields. When the energetic body is clear and flowing in natural resonance, then the choice of Life’s engagements become clearer. As the energetic body is perceived, I “See” the flow of the energies, tracking to the source that has gone out of balance. When a person goes directly to the energetic, one then can realize the source of choices made in life and how those choices have manifested in that person’s life. When a person is engaging life through all aspects of one’s self, he or she can move freely in life, intact because the person can now enjoy all that he or she is. Instead of working so hard to make changes within yourself, you can reveal the hidden aspects of yourself. It may be that a person may find a wisp, unseen, unknown, unspoken, buried deep within himself or herself. By bringing that wisp up into The Light, that person discovers the clearing has happened so healing can occur. Often then, a person will say, “I didn’t consciously know that was there. I didn’t know that the vague feeling underneath everything else was the very thing that had to be cleared and healed so I could go to the next level.” Together, with the Guidance that is given to me and your active participation, the Clearing and Healing happens. All the Guidance comes from The Sacred Light’s Sacred Healers and Sacred Ones of The Sacred Light.

Often, I am asked how long does it take to be Healed? That depends on you. When you don’t have expectations that your Healing is going to be done in one Working, the clearer your path to Being becomes. What is best to have is no expectations at all – simply show up.

Here is what one person had to say about the Clearing Healing Work she has done and is doing. For what more people have said, you can go to Endorsements.

“From the age of 30, I sought various therapies to deal with the long term effects of childhood sexual trauma. My research led me to a variety of natural modalities as well as a variety of psychological and psychiatric/antidepressant treatments. Most of these therapies worked to some extent, others, not at all, or took more time than I had for the crisis at hand. I lived on a combination of sleeping pills, antidepressants and talk therapy in one form or another. I had no idea that there was another way.

I met Fran Wolf through a mutual friend. She sensed that I was in trouble and could benefit from healing work. I was skeptical at first, as so many attempts at healing failed to produce any significant improvement. In time, (and with deep primal instinct), I began the process.

Along the way, I began to trust, not only Fran, but my own innate ability to heal and to allow the working sessions to teach me and guide me to the clearing necessary for the healing process to take place. While this process does take time, it allowed me to understand every facet of what my traumas actually were, as there were many that were deeply repressed, and some that were not of this lifetime. Piece by piece, we worked through the genesis of these blockages and I was guided to clear them from my energetic body. Over time, I was able to discontinue prescription medications and learn to live my authentic self without constant distractions and constructs that I previously believed I could not live without.

I couldn’t recommend this work or the guidance of Fran Wolf more highly.” M.T.
Clearing Healing Workings

Before setting up a Clearing Healing Working, it would be good to talk first. Please send an e-mail to me at with a brief note about what brings you to seek the Work and to let me know when you would like to talk. Then I can set the time aside for you to have a brief conversation. There is no fee for this brief conversation. After our conversation, your Clearing Healing Working can be set up. Clearing Healing Working can be done on Zoom or by phone or in-person. As we will be working with the energetic body, often, the physical presence is not necessary. Please note the dates and times you are available so I can look at my calendar to set a date and time for you. After we have set a date and time, the Zoom link will be sent to you or if your Work is to be done on the phone, the phone number will be sent to you. We’ll talk about the ways for you to pay as well.

$125.00 for one and a half; $175.00 if more than one and a half hours.