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Together we gather together in sacred ceremony
weaving the energetic strands, ancient and new,
of this Evolution of All Life into New Life.

This is the time we have been waiting for.

Quite possibly, the most important work you will ever do

The dictionary defines Quintessence as the pure highly concentrated essence of something; the purest or (typical) simplest instance; the fifth essence. It is as close to being the only word I could find to describe what the energetics that are now here are. This is the Evolution of All Life into New Life. It moves at such a high speed that even those words do not begin to describe this. All that has been is ascending and transforming to the highest, deepest, most fine vibration, high resonance that is beyond anything that has ever been before. When you understand that the energetic itself is the raw stuff of Creation and all is Energy, then perhaps you can begin to perceive what this is. All physical forms are the end result of what has come to be at the energetic. Without physical form, all is Pure Energy. That’s why we are One and why it’s time to step in, do what to be done, what is to be done and what must be done, taking precedence before all else.

You are being called to manifest the Vow of Light
that was taken before you were ever born into any body,
stepping in whenever, wherever, however you are called well beyond the personal.
It’s time to step in and be that Vow of Light –
doing what has to be done, what is to be done, what must to be done
taking precedence before all else.

Envision what it will be like when we are all together in sacred ceremony.
How our participation together assists the Evolution of All Life that is occurring now.

Each of us is sitting with the saways,
the energetic lines of the Pachamama,
sending, working the energetic itself.
We are in true actual service together,
doing what we have always dreamed it was possible to do.
Cleaning and clearing out stagnant energies of old beliefs and agreements,
of ways that no longer serve the Earth and all Her children and beyond.
We have an actual opportunity here of planting fresh new seeds.
Where there has been heaviness,
we plant the seeds of Lightness.
Where there has been misunderstanding between people,
we plant the seeds of Perception.
Where there has been intolerance,
we plant the seeds of Acceptance.
Where there has been serving the personal first,
we plant the seeds that Serve All,
and many more seeds of Peace and Compassion, Love and Life.

The Energetic is the stuff from which that all that is physical is created. When you understand that, you can better understand that the physical is the end result of what has been created at the Energetic. Intent is made manifest instantly in The Energetic. When we work with the energetic itself, we are weaving those strands into physical manifestation.
Now perhaps you can better understand why this is, quite possibly, the most important work you will ever do.

How are we going to do this?
Here’s how...


We will work with the seques of the Pachamama. That works with the energetic flow to clear the old out and raise the low vibrations filled with heavy energies that are running into high resonance with all that of the Pachamama.

We will work with the saways, the very corridors of the Stars themselves.

Merging with the flow of the seques and saways, we raise the low vibrations to be in sync, in ayni with the high resonance, higher than ever known before, that have now come and continue to come. In this way, this high resonance merge with the vibrations in the physical world, bringing all together – One. As It Is Above, So It Is Below.

This is more real and actual than anything you have done before.
The work itself and its results are physically tangible,
not just felt through the perceptual energetic.
At one time when we did this, within one day, for the first time in many years,
Afghanistan permitted The Red Cross to come in.

As the Star Bridges are opening and the ancient wisdom of The Light is perceived by many,
we cannot put off this opportunity to do what you have always said you wanted to do if you could find a way to do it.

Well, here it is.

Quintessence is not for beginners. This sacred work is for those who are energetically, emotionally, and mentally mature as well as being energetically independent, knowing that being a Vessel of Light is not personal and it’s not about power. We will be working in the deep energetic, at the unknown, the unseen, and the unspoken. This is for those who understand that it is essential that we all know and feel the seriousness of what must be done, however we are called to step in. While we perceive this serious responsibility, we also understand that we can only do this through weaving together ayllu (true community). For those who know it’s time to dive deep into the core of their beings, manifesting the Vow of Light taken before you were ever born into any body. It is for those who know how important it is now to keep one’s intent intact, well beyond the personal, by creating the present, therefore, creating the future. This is for those who know what We are One, not simply connected, means. If you are drawn to this work, before you register, please call me. This way, we will have a conversation to determine if this deep work is for you. It is quite possible it is for you. If you live in another country and it’s more difficult for you to call, we can chat on-line about this. However, a phone call is better; that can be done through Skype. You can have worked or are working in other Paths of Light to join in, as all those who walk in The Light are welcome. My e-mail is apusalkantay@aol.com as well. We’ll talk about where you have been in our phone conversation. 732-533-7276.

Please note that all dates and pricing for our workshop retreats will be forthcoming after the current global situation is over. We are working to set dates and those will be here on our website and calendar when they have been. The following is information about the pricing and deposit so you know how that works. Each workshop retreat has a full description.


The cost for the workshop retreat includes the workshop, lodging, and food. A deposit is required to register and to confirm your reservation. The deposit, when it has been paid, is deducted from the total cost. If you are interested, have questions, to register, please call me at 732-533-7276 or send an e-mail to me at apusalkantay@aol.com. Upon registration, you will receive a packing list as well as address and directions to the retreat center.

Please click here to print the registration document.