Conscious Knowledge

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Conscious Knowledge
Conscious Knowledge Training
The Vow of Light
you took before you were ever born into any physical body
You can bring what you have always known intuitively into
the conscious forms you can actively use in the world.

Bring the work of your chosen Path of Light to the world impeccably. We work with the deepest principles of the essential through embodiment. It may be that you are already working. It may be that you are just starting out. Either way, this training course provides the conscious training that will bring what you have always known intuitively into physical forms you can actively use with impeccability. You are on your way to the higher peaks, where there is Pure Light, limitless expanse where you can freely, simply, fly, without distraction or interference. Working with the deepest principles of the essential, you can take your work to the deeper and higher aspects you know it can be. This work takes us from the unknown to the known, the unseen to the seen, the unspoken to the spoken into the center of the heart of your work. Put that with many other aspects and branches of the energetic, you then can perceive why it is vital for all to be able to work with the flow itself. This is why it is called Conscious Knowledge Training. It doesn't matter if you want to continue with or go into the work of Peru. What does matter is that you continue in your chosen Path of Light. The course itself is to help you do that impeccably, consciously knowing what you're doing so that no harm is done. More harm has been done by people who intuitively knew what to do, but did not have any conscious actual training to do it. This course can help you to take your work to the deeper and higher aspects you know it can be. I will tell you, however, that, by signing up, you truly are placing yourself into impeccable service by getting the training that will serve you in whatever you do.

You can do it.
You have already shown yourself you can.
Conscious Knowledge
Step in.
Show up.
It's time.
It helps to have a guide to shine The Light.
Condor flies with you.

Give me a call. It is important for you to know that Energetic Weavers is not for beginners. Because we will be working in the deep energetic, at the unknown, the unseen, and the unspoken, it is important that you are energetically, emotionally, and mentally mature as well as being energetically independent, knowing that being a Vessel of Light is not personal and it's not about power. It is for those who know now is the time to "get on with it" and who have come to know that it is not about what you do, it is about who you "be" - "the act of doing becomes the state of being." When you are in the state of being, you no longer source through the personal. If you are drawn to this work, before you register, please call me. This way, we will have a conversation to determine if this deep work is for you. It is quite possible it is for you. If you live in another country and it's more difficult for you to call, we can chat on-line about this. However, a phone call is better; that can be done through Skype. You can have worked or are working in other Paths of Light to join in, as all those who walk in The Light are welcome. My e-mail is as well. We'll talk about where you have been in our phone conversation. 732-533-7276.

Please note that all dates and pricing for our workshop retreats will be forthcoming after the current global situation is over. We are working to set dates and those will be here on our website and calendar when they have been. The following is information about the pricing and deposit so you know how that works. Each workshop retreat has a full description.


The cost for the workshop retreat includes the workshop, lodging, and food. A deposit is required to register and to confirm your reservation. The deposit, when it has been paid, is deducted from the total cost. If you are interested, have questions, to register, please call me at 732-533-7276 or send an e-mail to me at Upon registration, you will receive a packing list as well as address and directions to the retreat center.

Please click here to print the registration document.