Journey Within

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The Way of The Shaman, The Wisdom of The Elders,
The Teachings of The Medicine People, The Healing of The Sages
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Journey Within

Join us every Thursday

A simple way of staying centered and grounded and
finding your private Sanctuary of Peace within you
where you can go and be in wherever you are,
whatever you're doing and with whomever you are with is
in Journey Within.

Journey Within is done through a free conference call every Thursday each week at
7:30PM EST or the equivalent time where you are.
The call-in information is in this message.

More than ever, we must come together.

Together we journey deep within to bring the strength of peace into a world
that has been and continues to be buffeted about by the winds of chaos
creating discord throughout all peoples and all nations
through the desperate need to defend personal motives by so many.

How would it be to have a place where you can go to let
the tensions and busyness of everyday life be set aside for awhile?

How would it be to find ways to see those tensions and busyness of
everyday life in a different way so you can deal with them
in a way that isn't so heavy and complicated?

How would it be to do all that with a group of like-minded people in
what is called in the Quechua language of Peru, Ayllu?
That word is the Quechua word for community, I U.

Journey Within is that place.

We each journey deep within ourselves to discover what we already know
but, for whatever reason, got put aside.

Through meditation, dreams and in other ways, you gain insight and clarity into aspects of your life and yourself. The Journey Within is the next step to take what you have seen into active engagement.

As you journey, you see not only what has been in your way; you see what you already have to make those visions physically manifest.

With guidance as you journey, you find the path to go where you have always known is meant for you or go further in your chosen path.

While we journey, we have a Sacred Altar with us. For those of you who have mesas, please have your mesa with you. For those of you who do not have mesas, have something of The Sacred with you.

Thursday evening every week from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST or the equivalent time where you are.

The phone number and meeting ID# are:
Phone number: 515-604-9099  Meeting ID# 227 316 000

We ask that you don't put your phone on speaker because it causes echoes and that you are in a quiet place so that surrounding noises won't disturb you or the others who will be with us during the call. If you join in while the call is in progress, we ask that you enter quietly and wait to announce yourself when the lines have been opened up again.

While no registration is required, you can let us know you will be with us by sending a text to or calling Sylvia Cordero who is the moderator for the call and a long-time participant and friend. The number to call or text is 732-406-3557.

You may know people who may be interested in Journey Within. Please feel free to let them know.