Journey Within

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Journey Within

Munay + Kanchay + Sami + Kausay + Yachay + Llankay

These words are Quechua, one of the native languages of Peru. I have come to realize that Quechua words are the sounds of Nature and, often, the core essence of the spoken word. They are the Core Principles that the Q’ero live their lives by.

Munay  The source of all Love and Compassion
Kanchay  Sacred Light
Sami  The Emanation of Sacred Light
Kausay  Life/Creation Force of The Universe
Yachay  Service - Being in service through knowledge
Llankay  Work - The willingness to do whatever one is called to

These are The Intents through which we will travel in Journey Within.
Discover how deeply rooted you are in these simple yet profound core wellsprings of life!

Join us on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM!

Step out of the ordinary into the non-ordinary and fly!
Journey Within
Let’s weave the Hope, the Joy, the Peace, the Love we have in our hearts into Journey Within.

This weaving is the Inspiration that we can do to help each and every one of us make the leap up here on high neutral grounds where the Energetics are lifting and moving higher at speeds never known before.

We can do this because we already are.

When we gather our strengths, our ayllus, our clans, our intents together into One Strength, One Ayllu, One Clan, One Intent, we bring the old, low vibrations that have been running rampant into the high resonance of this evolution of all life into new life. Together, we are doing what has to done to bring forth an intact state of Higher Sacred Peace and lower physical world peace.

If you are hesitating to join in, ask yourself the question,
“Why I am resisting?”
You might be surprised to discover that there is nothing to resist.
After just one journey,
you will see why people continue to come back every week.

In Journey Within, you can See where you are - making the leap up onto the higher trails of this Evolution of All Life or caught in the old, low vibrations that are tumultuous and scattered making it difficult to keep your intent intact. It can be difficult to maintain being in the higher resonance. Your Journey Within can show you ways to stay awake, keep conscious and not let yourself slip because that’s where a person will go back into the low vibrations and continue to perpetuate the old ways and habits of the personal over and over again.

No, this is not fantasy or science fiction.
It’s real stuff, folks.
You can be part of it.

One of the many treasures of the Inca is their weavings. It is easily seen in their beautiful cloths. They are Weavers of The Energetics as well. How does, in your everyday life, knowing about The Energetic help you? When you realize that everything – thought, feeling, those “gut hunches”, and more – are the physical manifestation of something occurring at The Energetic. It is there that all is created first before form. The teachings in this call can help you consciously discern what those “gut hunches” are really about and what you can do about them. A simple change of thought can make all the difference in what ultimately manifests. By gaining conscious knowledge of those perceptual pings, you are merging the non-ordinary with the ordinary.

Through meditation, dreams and in other ways, you gain insight and clarity into aspects of your life and yourself. Journey Within is the next step to take what you have seen into active engagement.

As you journey, you see not only what has been in your way; you see what you already have to make those visions physically manifest.

With guidance as you journey, you find the path to go where you have always known is meant for you or go further in your chosen path.

While we journey, we have a Sacred Altar with us. For those of you who have mesas, please have your mesa with you. For those of you who do not have mesas, have something of The Sacred with you.

Thursday evening every week from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST or the equivalent time where you are.

The Zoom link is
Meeting ID: 842 2626 3948
Passcode: 419455

We ask that you are in a quiet place so that surrounding noises won’t disturb you or the others who will be with us during the journey. If you join in while the journey is in progress, we ask that you enter quietly and wait to announce yourself later when the lines are no longer muted.

While there is no fee for this, any donation you would like to make is appreciated and gratefully accepted. If you cannot make a donation, you are welcome to join us. If you can and want to, you can do that through PayPal or by check. Please send a message with your e-mail address to me by e-mail at and then I will send the PayPal link or the mailing address to you.