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ServicesThe Services of AyllusuyuServices

To give you a description of what is offered, I have listed them here.

Healings, workings, guidance, Primal Self journey, classes, experiential talks, dreamwork,
private individual sessions and readings in person and on the phone,
past life journeys, groups, gatherings, and ceremonies

Most of what is offered can be done either on the phone or in the privacy of your home. The past life journeys and perceptual shiatsu must be done in person.

Clearing-Healing Working
We offer Clearing-Healing Workings. To read about the Clearing-Healing Workings, you can go to the page for the description as well as pricing and other information.

Your Primal Self
Your Primal Self is who you are. The Primal Senses are clean and clear, keeps on point, doesn’t distract or be distracted by what was, is mindful of all that is going on around but doesn’t engage. When you know who your Primal Self is, then no longer does the human direct what you do in any way. A journey done in a deep meditative state takes you to where your Primal Self dwells. It is here that the aspects of yourself that you always felt were not complete are merged.

Perceptual Shiatsu
Years ago, I was certified in shiatsu, the practice of working with the meridian lines in the body. By activating points of the meridian lines, the flows can be opened. Throughout the years, the original shiatsu training I received has evolved through the working of the energetic body itself. While still working with the meridian lines, the perceptual guidance I receive is brought into that work. In this way, it goes beyond just the deepening points of the meridians; it works with the meridians as a part of the energetic body itself. Whatever is present in the meridians and the branches that come from them are worked, thus, removing blockages, freeing the energy flow.

Past Life Journeys
When Spirit, the Force of Life in a human body, leaves the physical body, it can choose to enter a new physical body. All the knowledge of the lives the people it once was comes with it into its new incarnation. That knowledge can be accessed through journeying into the lives. It can be that some event in the past, recent or long-past, is the source of some pattern evident in your life today. While the physical event cannot be changed, the way it wove into the energetic body can and does impact on your life today. By coming to know what that source is can change a person’s life today and forever. When past-life journeying, it is important to know that you, the person alive today, is not responsible for what a person in another life did. You are only responsible to use that knowledge for the Greater Good now. You are not that person – The only common bond is that Spirit that gives the Force of Life to your human body today is the same one that gave the Force of Life to that person in his or her day. I am only a guide in this journey with you. I don’t tell you where you are, when you are, or what you are. That way, what you come to know you realize is true because you, yourself, found that out. You do that by observing only, not engaging in any way that life you are perceiving.

The language of dreams are symbols. When one can interpret those symbols, one gains an understanding of what dreams are about. Most dreams are a settling of the day. Others go beyond that into guidance, active working in dream state, and more. There is conscious dreaming. This is when a person consciously knows he/she is in a dream and then actively changes aspects of the dream. Why is this important? When something is done at the energetic before it can ever come into form, the physical manifestation changes. In guidance dreams, what you see are symbols of aspects of yourself. That includes the surroundings you are in and the conditions of that environment. The people in your dreams are not necessarily those who they look to be. They usually are aspects of yourself. Ex.: Joe is a good person who always helps others yet when it comes to helping himself, he doesn’t. He shows up in your dream. Look to the environment and all the details. What aspect(s) of you is he symbolizing? I can help you to interpret your dreams by “reading” the symbols.

Direct Guidance Readings
These readings are guidance given directly from The Sacred Ones of Light to you. It is not channeling. I am simply the conduit through which the guidance is given. I give what I get. While questions can be asked throughout the reading, quite often, the answers are given before the question is asked. All you have to do is form your Intent for the reading to yourself, nothing more.
Animal Guidance Readings
Using a deck of animal guidance cards, energetically your guides and you are brought together.
There are three ways this is done:
Services Past, Present, and Future Reading:
Four cards are drawn for you. The first three show you who the guides were, are, and will be in The Past, The Present, and The Possible Future. The fourth card is you. This shows you how you are engaging life in The Present, through the energetic impact of The Past, creating The Possible Future. As the future cannot be predicted because it is always changing as a result of what we do in thought, word, and action in the present, it is called The Possible Future.

Birth Guides:
At your birth, nine guides came with you. Each one carried a facet of who and what you are. Together, they brought the guidance for each and every aspect of your life. In knowing who your guides are, you are now aware of who walks with you.

Guidance Reading
A Guidance Reading calls on all of the guides, asking who will come for you to help you through a present-day situation.

Gathering in your home
Services You can make the choice of the type of gathering you would like:
A Journey to Peru, Private Readings, Clearing of the Energetic Body, or All of It!
Invite a group of your friends and family to your home and I will come to your home.

For The Journey to Peru in the private setting of your home, we will journey to Peru, where you will meet the Apus (The Mountains) and the Jungles as well as the Sacred Ones of Light who stand at the Four Corners of The Sacred Chakana, The Sacred Wheel of Light. Discover who your Primal Self is. Gain the guidance of Peru right in your own home. After the journey is complete, clearing of the Energetic Body or a reading is possible in private for anyone who would like it.
For the reading party, while you and your friends are enjoying each other’s company, the readings are done in a private room for each person individually.
About the clearing of The Energetic Body, the concerns of your everyday life can be like lint caught on your clothes. That “lint” can weigh down your energetic body, causing it to be less intact. A clearing can remove that “lint”, so your energetic body returns to its intact state, clear and bright. This, too, is done in a private room for each person individually. These parties can be a lot of fun because you get to spend time with your friends and family. At the same time, each of you benefit from the journey to Peru and the clearing and at the reading party as well. You, along with your friends and family, can gain guidance through each of these gatherings. There is no cost to the person who is hosting the party, as it is my gift to him/her for having the gathering or party.

Along with those offerings,
we have workshops as well as journeys to Peru.

Our workshops are for those who are beginning their journey as well as those who have been actively working for some time. You can have worked or are working in other Paths of Light or want to continue with or go into the work of Peru to participate in our workshops. All those who walk in The Sacred Light are welcome.

The Journeys to Peru

Over the years, people have asked me what makes the journeys to Peru with us different than going with others. Our Intent is simply this – Sacred Intent. We don’t go as tourists. We have heard the calling of The Mountains, of The Jungles, of Peru itself. We go where the Inca and the Elders of the native people have been and still are. We go to the ancient sacred places where the embodiment of The Light pulses now as it did when those places first came to be. We go with The Intent of receiving guidance from the Mountains and wherever else we go in Peru. There are no expectations as to how that guidance will come. Simply the perception that what you are doing is becoming the state of being by showing up and stepping in, keeping your Intent intact. That’s all, nothing else is asked of you. Journeys to Peru with our groups or designed for your group are offered. For those who know that it is time to go to on his or her pilgrimage, we offer private journeys. That would be just you and me and The Sacred Ones of Light. As with all our journeys to Peru, give me a call and we can talk about all this.

The pricing for some of the services is listed here. The fees for the gatherings, ceremonies, workshops, classes, and experiential talks are based on location and length of time of the event. As to any of these as well as journeys to Peru for a private group, we can talk about what you want and then I can give you what the fee would be.

Healing-Guidance, Workings and Perceptual Shiatsu:
$125.00 to $175.00 for one and a half to two hours

Your Primal Self: $50.00 for a half hour to forty-five minutes

Dreamwork: $50.00 for a half hour to forty-five minutes

Readings: Direct: $50.00 for a half-hour to an hour
Animal Guidance Readings:
Past, Present, and Future Reading: $10.00
Birth Guides: $25.00  Guidance Reading: $25.00

Past Life Journeys:
$150.00 to $250.00.
This can be for two to three hours depending on how quickly a person permits himself or herself to travel

House Parties: Eight people are the minimum required to have a party or a gathering. Please note that the minimum number will change to ten if there is more than one hour of travel time. The fees listed here for the house parties are per person. Pre-registration is required.

For the reading party: $25.00
For The Peru Gathering: for the group journey and a private clearing of the energetic body or a reading is $35.00.
For the group journey only or a private clearing of the energetic body only or a reading only, the cost is $25.00.
For the Gathering, a clearing, and a reading, the cost to each person is $45.00.

Not all our events require registration. For those that do, our registration policies for the Peru journeys, workshops and other gatherings are in the description of each journey and workshop.

To talk with me and to ask questions about what we offer, you can contact me at 732-533-7276, by e-mail at, or send a message directly.