Higher Perception

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Higher Perception
Higher Perception

A new set of classes are about to begin online through Zoom.
Wednesday, August 4

This course will not make you into a shaman. No course can do that because being a shaman is what you are, not what you do. What this course can do is to give you the teachings and training to bring your perceptual senses into a higher conscious state so that you can bring who and what you are meant to be into a full active state. The basics, working with energetics and the responsibility in doing that are the main intent of these classes. The more you realize what the Energetic is and why it is vital to Know that, even if you don’t go into working with others, the clearer you become and just that helps to keep the energy flow clear and moving.

You may be working in a healing modality or in some way that helps your community. It may be that you simply want to know more about what is going on around you and, of course, yourself. The answer to that is within the Energetic, Pure Energy before Form. When one can “read” the energetics, one can perceive what is really going on beyond the story of life. The events of life are the results of what has happened at the Energetic. In these classes, you come to learn about ways to access the Energetic and utilize it in your everyday life.

You begin to have a better understanding of the words, “energy” and “energetics”, as they are often interchanged. When working with pure energy, it is necessary to know what the basic rules are so what you do causes no harm. You learn how to be centered and grounded and why that is important when working. The Four Cs of Discipline as well as The Intent, The Word and The Will are part of these teachings. Who is your Primal Self? You journey to discover your Primal Self and then to sense/see through your Primal Senses rather than the human senses. You realize why discerning the difference of sourcing through your Primal Self rather than your lower self is important. What is your energetic body? In the first class, you begin to perceive and discern what your energetic body looks like and its purpose and to perceive the difference of the auric fields and the energetic body. Realizing that it is the sensor net that receives the “pings” that are then transmitted to the lower self’s energy fields and felt in its bodies brings awareness to pay attention to that “gut hunch.”

As the classes continue on, they take you further into the deeper teachings as you continue your journey to go beyond the constructs of the human. Many aspects of Perception, Weaving, Tracking, articulation of the Sacred Guidance received brought into words, Healing and more is what these classes are about. The teachings of working with Pure Energy and the difference of subtle and obvious energies are given. Once you have called in the Pure Energy, what next? What do you do with it and how and what is the responsibility of working with Pure Energy? You come to learn how to perceive the Energetics and how to manifest them into a form.

As you continue on, you learn how to let your energetic body go beyond the confines of the human body. The difference of what is termed as Within and Without is discussed; Within is Perception through the energetic body and Without is sourcing through the personal filters. You learn why it is important to let your energetic self be primary. The energetic body is put to work by perceiving what is not seen in the physical. Putting the human construct aside and letting the energetic body become the primary source for perception, you learn what resonance means, that sense of when something feels “right” and when it doesn’t. Perceiving your own energetic body, you can “see” what it looks like. You learn how to discern the resonance - what is out of balance and what resonates clearly.

Throughout life, there are times when a person feels the need for protection. While this can mean in the physical sense, there are ways to have this energetically. You learn that there are different levels of protection, how to access and utilize them. When a person is sensitive or an empath, it can be difficult to be around people or to be in a place where there is a build-up of energetic residue. These protections can help you to be in a crowded place without taking any of that residue on.

Having come this far, you now go beyond your own energetic body. Perceiving the energetics of a place shows us how the flow is manifesting in a physical place. Perceiving the energetic streams known as the seques and the saways that connect Pachamama with The Universe, we can assist in the healing of the physical manifestations. This Working can be of communities, land, nations and more.

By utilizing all that you have learned, you put into actual practice of what it is to merge the physical and energetic worlds together.

In taking these classes, you are actually participating in doing what you have always said you wanted to do if you could find a way to do it. These teachings guide you to bring what you have always known intuitively into physical form you can actively use with impeccability.

Here are the words of two people who have taken the Higher Perception classes:
“Learning to live in the present moment and use enhanced perceptual senses on the journey to self discovery and ultimate purpose in life is a daunting task, yet, this class was expertly presented, taught and guided by a true master of the energetics. Doña Fran patiently taught me how to perceive, acknowledge and awaken those senses and how to strengthen and protect them. To my surprise, I learned more about myself in five weeks than in all of my 62 years on earth. Doña Fran would say that the knowledge is within all and that she is the guide through the journey and awakening I have found this statement to be completely true in my experience and I encourage others to explore the journey into one’s self awareness with this Higher Perception class.” Michelle T.
“Last November I participated in the Higher Perception classes held by Fran Wolf. These classes helped me to better understand the energetic body. It also solidified the difference for me between my human or lower self and my higher self, and the importance of always filtering everything through the lens of my higher or primal self. As a result I have found that I react less and have been much more reflective and aware. I am also much more aware of my thoughts, and my actions as well, and how they affect myself and those around me. Everything I do has consequences. The more I am aware of my actions and their ripple effect on the world, the better I will be able to embody those elements of myself that will keep help me to keep my vibrations on higher ground all the time, so that my way of being becomes more and more the norm, and less and less the exception. Understanding one’s energetic body is key to much of that. I highly recommend this class.” Lisa K.

DATES AND TIMES: All the classes are on Eastern Standard Time in the USA. Higher Perception, a series of seven online classes through Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:15.

The dates for the classes are:
August 4, 11, 18, 25   September 1, 8, 15

This is a series of seven classes: $35.00 per class is $245.00. When paying for all seven classes, the total is $215.00.

As all of the classes are experiential and progressive taking what you learn in one class into the next class, it is important for you to know that because a class cannot be missed because of that.

If you are interested in taking these classes, please send an e-mail to me to let me know. I will put you on the participant list. When I have received your payment, you will be formally registered in the class. To send in your payment and be registered, you can do that in any of the following ways: Pay Pal by credit/debit card. The name to find us on PayPal is apusalkantay@aol.com. Be aware that, because of the servicing fee that Pay Pal charges, Pay Pal will deduct that from the amount you are sending. The Pay Pal fee should not be deducted from the amount you are sending. You can check with Pay Pal as to what their fee is and add that onto the payment so you can ensure that it is in full. Checks or money orders should be made out to Fran Russo and sent to the mailing address shown here: Fran Russo/Ayllusuyu, PO Box 491, Middlesex, NJ 08846.
Payment must be received one week prior to the class.
In whatever way you choose to register with payment, please indicate that you are registering for the Higher Perception classes.

When you have sent in your payment, I will send a confirmation e-mail and the link to the Zoom online class for which you are registered to you.

If you have questions about any of these classes, please call me at 732-533-7276 or send an e-mail to apusalkantay@aol.com.