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Cloth of Creation

Standing Together
Join us on Monday evenings at 7:00PM.

Take the time to read this to realize why it is so vital that
we stand up, step in, and stand together now,
as the ripples of the undertow of these energetic waves have intensified.

When we gather our Strengths, our Clans, our Ayllus, our Intents into One Strength, One Clan, One Ayllu(the Quechua word for “community”), One Intent, what we can create when we are all gathered and working together is what will make all the difference of what comes to ground in full physical manifestation. This is not the first time in history that conscious people gathered together for this purpose. We can do this because we can. All that is asked of all is to step up, step in with total commitment to bring about an intact foundation for all. It is through The Intent of all People of The Light coming, merging together in the One that we are, that these intrusions will stop. This goes well beyond any particular chosen path, religion, spirituality – this speaks to all. All paths, religions, spirituality of Light are all threads woven together in the same cloth – The Sacred Light. It is in this way that what will come to ground is as meant to be for all, not as any one person, one group, one country would have it. It is The Intent of this Gathering to bring all our strengths in all their forms together. This is not only for the Ukraine and her people. It is for all everywhere as the violence that is being directed at the Ukraine ripples out through the Energetic itself.

It is the time to gather together in High Grand Gathering.
This is the time we have been waiting centuries for.

Throughout the centuries, cultures from all over the world have known that, when a shift beyond reckoning is about to happen, the weather and the forces of nature will intensify with strength and speed as never known before. We see this everywhere now.

This is the evolution of all life into new life, what we have been waiting for.

What we are seeing in the world now are the results of what has been thrown out of balance at the energetic. The vibrations are erratic, tumultuous, chaotic, scattered, as so many continue to engage in low vibrations. Until those vibrations are raised into the high resonance of this Evolution of All Life, what has been happening will continue.

For those who want what they are not entitled to and will do whatever they choose to do to get that, we send Enlightenment. For to wish for anything else to them is to do what they are doing – coercing, forcing, manipulating the energetics to their will for their own gain. We do not. This is actually joining together our Intents to bring back into resonance the vibrations that have become so scattered and personal-filled. We do this as is meant to be, the natural flow of the energetics as they are meant to be.

So why is it our “job” to do anything about this?
Because we are the conscious ones and know that what has to be done must be done
to awaken a spark of Sacred Enlightenment in all.

Perceive, if you will, the energetic as an immense cloth. If a “wrinkle” happens, you have to discern what that wrinkle is and if it is your job to smooth it out. At times, it may seem easier to just leave the wrinkle in, with the thought that you will smooth it out eventually, or to let somebody who “knows” more to do it for you. However, if that wrinkle is left in, it will create other wrinkles and patterns that were not in the original weave. This is where you must discern if those patterns are part of evolution or have to be removed.

We have and continue to see just how ripples can manifest in the physical world. These winds of chaos create discord throughout all peoples and all nations through the desperate need to defend personal motives by so many. To see the changes you want in the physical world actually happen, you have to first make the change in the energetic. What happens in the physical world is the end result of what happens in the energetic.

The ripples are the results of the shock waves that are caught in the undertow of the energetic waves. What we feel in the aftermath are the ripples much like the ripples that are left after waves have washed up on the beach and receded back into the ocean. At the energetic, these ripples leave an imprint seen in the physical forms that are created over and over again. This is the collapse we have been talking about for a long time. The way that happens and is happening is determined by people individually and collectively. What comes down does not have to be in a destructive force leaving barren land where new life cannot grow. It can be a clearing force so the land is clean to grow corn again. Once a form has been created, it cannot be uncreated. It can be changed, but not made undone. These forms of change can be as simple as a sense of something to a single thought or wisp of an emotion all the way to purposeful intent.

We are being asked to do what must be done unconditionally to be free of the old low energy vibrations, huchas(Quechua for heavy energy) holding us captive in all the old, familiar, comfortable ways that confine us in complacency. As we die from what was, we are free to move into the present, creating the future.

So, yes, just because something is “uncomfortable” to do is no reason not to do it. Remember “firsts” in your life – were they “comfortable” to do that very first time? and maybe the second or third time as well? You kept on, though, until you realized there really was nothing to fear. Then you felt good because you did it.

No, this is not fantasy or science fiction.
No, it's not just thinking nice, fuzzy thoughts.
It's real stuff, folks.
You can be part of it.

Standing Together is on Monday evenings every two weeks from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST or the equivalent time where you are. The next date for Standing Together is November 14 and then every other Monday after that.

The Zoom link is
Meeting ID: 836 6407 0682
Passcode: 180987

While there is no fee for this, any donation you would like to make is appreciated and gratefully accepted. If you cannot make a donation, you are welcome to join us. If you can and want to, you can do that through PayPal or by check. Please send a message with your e-mail address to me by e-mail at and then I will send the PayPal link or the mailing address to you.