Peru Healing Retreat: Killarumiyoq, The Temple of The Moon

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Peru Healing Retreat: Killarumiyoq, The Temple of The Moon (place of the Sacred Feminine)

Together We Weave The Energetic Strands Ancient And New Strengthening The Bridges Of Light That Have Now Opened Anew.

Join us as we gather together in sacred ceremony at Killarumiyoq, The Temple of The Moon, a place of the Sacred Feminine.

This is the time we have been waiting for.

Not all the people who come with us to Peru or the workshops we offer are there for healing. A person may feel that he/she has healed enough to move on to the next level. It may be that, through the sacred ceremonies and work that person does, that person may find a wisp, unseen, unknown, unspoken, buried deep within himself or herself. By bringing that wisp up into The Light, that person discovers healing has happened. Often then, a person will say, "I didn't consciously know that was there. I didn't know that vague feeling underneath everything else was the very thing that had to be healed so I could go to the next level." That is why we know that healing happens through The Teachings brought into everyday life through sacred ceremony. It could be something as simple as a change of thought, a choice to engage Life in a different way, paying more attention to that gut ping that has no thought or even logical sense to it.


Day 1 Houston to Lima, where we will stay overnight at the airport until our flight to Cuzco in the morning.
Day 2 We arrive in Cuzco, the capital of the Incan empire. It is said the Incan empire was built in the shape of a jaguar and that Cuzco is the head of the jaguar. That evening, we will go to Amaru Machay. In this ancient place, we shed ourselves of old skin, much like a serpent molts its skin, so that our true colors, vibrant and rich with life, can shine through.
Day 3 We have a day in Cuzco, giving you the time to acclimate to the heights. We can go to the marketplace and see the sights of the city.
Day 4 We leave Cuzco to travel to Killarumiyoq, this sacred place of the Sacred Feminine. The Q'ero, who are the pure-blood descendants of the ancient Inca, have been invited to join us. We are in deep sacred ceremony. Merging the ancient with the new, we manifest in this foundation of the evolution of all life the wisdom of the ancients with the extraordinary wisdom of the Stars themselves. Camping.
Day 5 Killarumiyoq. Today, we celebrate what has come to be, as this is the time we have been waiting centuries for. We continue to be in deep sacred ceremony. Together with the flow of the segues (the ley lines) themselves, we merge with its movement in the same manner that a weaver intertwines the threads to create the design that is intended. We do this not as we would have it, but as it will serve all. In this way, we assist in strengthening the Bridges of Light that have now opened anew. Camping.
Day 6 Today, we go from Killarumiyoq to the town of Aguas Calientes, located in the Machu Picchu range. We stay at a hotel overlooking the Urubamba River.
Day 7 We spend the day at Machu Picchu itself. In continuance of the sacred ceremonies we began at Killarumiyoq, in the ancient temples of the Inca at Machu Picchu, we go on with weaving the energetics.
Day 8 We spend the day in Aguas Calientes. In the evening, we go to the hot springs nestled in the center of the mountains. We will have time to go to the shops and enjoy the delights of this little mountain town.
Day 9 We return to Cuzco. We can shop and relax. In the evening, we bring our ceremonies to completion.
Day 10 We have a day that we can explore the ancient city of Cuzco. We go out for a dinner of celebration, giving thanks and delight for the journey we have just undertaken.
Day 11 We return to Lima for our flight back to the States. We stay at Miraflores, where we can store our luggage until we go to the airport. We can go to the marketplace or just simply rest.

IMPORTANT: Please read the following as it contains important information for you to know.

The cost for the journey does not include airfare. It does include, but not limited to, all hotel accommodations, all land and water transportation, all guides, porters, some meals, as stated, in hotels, transfers, all entry and excursion fees. Not included: airport arrival and departure taxes, all international and in-Peru air travel, tipping of guides and porters, shamans' ceremonies and their lodging and food expenses which will be divided equally by the number of people in the group and shared by the entire group, any personal expenditure, miscellaneous expenses. The deposit is required to ensure your reservation in this journey and to purchase your airfare; this is for your round-trip international flights as well as the in-Peru flights. Your deposit is in addition to the above price stated for the journey. When the pricing and deposit is set, your deposit must be received quickly. Otherwise, it is likely we will lose the airfare price and the cost will have to go up. Because air travel prices fluctuate quickly, if, by the time, I do book the air travel and the fare is lower than the deposit, the balance goes to the journey cost. Please note that, by sending in your deposit right away, the chances that we will not lose the best airfare prices we can get is better. The journey price, without airfare, is based on the size of the group of people who have registered with deposit; if there are less than four people, the price will increase. Itinerary and accommodations are subject to change depending on weather, festivities, etc... You will receive a packing list and pre-departure information as well as a travel document upon receipt of your registration and deposit. Please be sure that your passport is up to date and, if it is not or you don't have one, I suggest that you get it updated or apply for one now. You will get your visa upon arrival in Lima.

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